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A major leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative electronics solutions, Samsung is one of the world’s largest companies with a more than 170,000 employees and a global turnover exceeding $100 billion.

With its annual Research and Development budget of over $2 billion and 63,000 staff committed to the development of fixed and wireless communications, Samsung is perfectly placed to exploit the convergence of telephony and IT services, and to provide organisations with cutting-edge communications solutions including Voice over IP (VoIP) and Wireless Area Network (WAN) Integration.

Samsung realize the importance of a professional and robust communications platform for businesses. Since 80% of business is conducted telephonically and the telephone overhead in most businesses is the second largest overhead to consider, Samsung addresses the need for cost savings and efficiency and offer the finest solutions.

Samsung’s core strategy continues to be to maintain leadership in the digital convergence revolution with the aim to bring innovation and digital technology to products in ways that make life easier, richer, and more enjoyable.

Samsung’s strength continues to be in the quality and reliability of its products and products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re of the highest standards. All Samsung PABX products are ISO 9000 approved and within the South Africa market, ICASA approved.

Samsung PABX products are sold worldwide in every major country, meeting the needs of customers worldwide. With a comprehensive dealer network of 100 communication centres throughout South Africa and a combined staff compliment of over 1,200 people, Samsung is able to provide comprehensive support services throughout the country.

our story

ITA (PTY) Ltd. is a dynamic company that was founded in 1986. In that time, ITA (PTY) Ltd. has established a strong reputation for converged communication solutions including voice, data and video. ITA (PTY) Ltd. has regularly won the yearly prize for top communications sales and service dealer, and has recently been awarded Platinum Status.

Based on its success, ITA (PTY) Ltd. continues to invest in the local market to secure its position as the leading communications solution provider for small, medium and large business.

Our range integrates the latest developments in Internet Protocol (IP) technology with the intelligence and stability of traditional telecommunications technology. Our service widen into that of CCTV Surveillance and Samsung Multi-Function Printers. Whatever the business size - a small company with one office or a multi-national enterprise - the range has a suitable converged communications solution in its series.

our services

The team at ITA (PTY) Ltd. offers a wide range of services which will help your business reach its full potential.

PABX Business Plan

ITA (PTY) Ltd. offers larger corporates the service of an in-depth PABX business plan, which looks at their current environment, proposes solutions and recommends how to build on the solution. The report takes a long-term approach and outlines in a clear, step-by-step format where the company will end up in five years if they buy Samsung.

voice & data

Voice & Data offers a world class voice over IP (VoIP) service at cost-effective rates. The primary drive behind the Voice & Data VoIP service is to provide our clients with substantial savings on their voice and data communication costs.

Site Analysis & Efficiency Analysis

ITA (PTY) Ltd. offers a full and detailed customer site analysis that covers all aspects of the client’s connectivity requirements.

Structured Finance Solutions

ITA (PTY) Ltd. makes the use of advanced Samsung equipment accessible to customers with comprehensive Corporate Rental Solutions as well as Insurance Solutions

Call Centre

Samsung OfficeServ ACD Call Centre is specifically tailored for mid sized organisations or corporate departments requiring a sophisticated customer interaction management solution for 10 to 100 agents.

ROI Analysis

ITA (PTY) Ltd. ensures that your PABX performs as best as it can by partnering with the best and using the highest quality peripheral products.

Best PABX Practice

We are an ISO 9000 accredited company and quality underlines every aspect of our organisation.

Featured Products

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Which is why we have the best products offered to you.


We offer very essential solutions and guaranteed products to keep your business running smoothly.

Hotel Hospitality Solutions

With many hotels making profits of more than R250 per room per day on guests’ telephone usage, the effective management of the system becomes vital. Hotels need a management system that provides control, reliability and adaptability...

Public Address System

The typical products that are integrated with the PABX are normally Public Address Systems.

This is typically used in larger environments where vast spaces need to be covered. Solutions around: Amplifiers, Speakers – indoor and outdoor, wired microphones, conference systems, Intercom systems, mobile and portable amplifiers

Advert on Hold

A powerful and cost-effective tool to grow your business. Advert on Hold offers renewal of messaging options, including scheduling, with messages sent remotely to your system and downloaded in less than 2 minutes...

Voice Logging

ITA (PTY) Ltd. offer high quality voice recording at a fraction of the traditional costs. The applications extend to multi-seat traditional voice to IP-based voice recording...


Choose from a range of packages depending on your needs.

Broadband & Internet

Voice and Data Prepaid is a leading provider of unified business communications and a specialist in connectivity solutions, having supported the challenges and important issues facing corporate businesses and public sector for many years. We are confident we can provide you with the right connectivity solution for your specific needs...

IP Fax

Part of the focus of Voice and Data Prepaid is to provide our clients with efficient, cost effective fax solutions. We understand the unique challenges of the industry, and have a proven track record of successes achieved. Our Voice and Data Prepaid dedicated technical team ensures immediate on-site problem resolution...

VPN Services

ITA (PTY) Ltd. will take time to fully understand the scope and usage of your wide area network, your current and future demands for voice, web conferencing and email, to make sure we deploy the most cost effective network for maximum operational IT efficiency...

Neotel EBU

Neotel’s mission is to provide the latest technology and world-class service at an affordable price and meet company’s telecoms requirements, reduce the cost of doing business and extend global technological advances...

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